How do you say ‘no’ when a mother asks you to save her child’s life?

Lifeline has never said ‘no’ when there was a medical chance of saving a life.  Our very first patient was originally given a 5%

chance by doctors at Hammersmith Hospital (it later improved to 15% when a good bone marrow donor was found).  5% sounded

to us a whole lot better than 0% which was the chance if he didn’t receive a bone marrow transplant.  

More than twenty years later ‘A’ is a chef and is in excellent health.

As parents it is unimaginable that you would not do everything in your power to save your child’s life, and it is our aim to

give parents without resources the same chance that our own children would have.

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Paul O’Gorman Lifeline      registered charity no. 1108060

Helping children with life-threatening illnesses

   1342   total patient visits to Italy or UK

     212   Ukrainian patients treated with Lifeline cash in Ukraine or elsewhere

   1554   total patients excluding Kyrgyz patients treated at home with Lifeline-funded drugs


     299   Stem cell/bone marrow transplants

     341   Surgical procedures or other treatments